Danger at Dead Man’s Pass by M.G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman, reviewed by Aysha

(This great book is a part of a series so if you like this book maybe consider reading the series! Now back to the book review!)

I loved this book! It’s in the area of mystery and adventure, that I like to read about and it tops the category.

It’s all about a boy called Hal who is a (train) detective along with his Uncle Nat. They are investigating Alexander’s Kratzenstien’s death in Berlin undercover. What’s spooky in this book is that there is an Old Kratzenstien curse at Dead Man’s Pass where Alexander was killed. Do you think that was the curse? (Well obviously I know if it was the curse or not but do you?) While Hal is there, Hal finds out more about Uncle Nat, could it be related to the death and the

This book is good for people who like Adventures, Murder and are 9+
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Aysha’s illustrations blow us away every time!

About the book

Embark on a thrilling fourth adventure in the bestselling, prize-winning Adventures on Trains series – Danger at Dead Man’s Pass , from M. G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman, as Harrison Beck investigates an ancient family curse high in the German mountains. Illustrated in black-and-white throughout by Elisa Paganelli. 

A mysterious letter from an old friend asks Hal and Uncle Nat to help investigate a spooky supernatural mystery. Legend has it the Kratzensteins, a family of rich and powerful railway tycoons, are cursed, but there is no such thing as a curse, is there . . .?

Hal and Nat take the night train to Berlin and go undercover. From a creaking spooky old house at the foot of the Harz mountains, they take the Kratzenstein family’s funeral train to the peak of the Brocken Mountain. Can Hal uncover the secrets of the Brocken railway and the family curse before disaster strikes?

Danger at Dead Man’s Pass can be read as a stand-alone novel, or enjoyed as part of the Adventures on Trains series. Join Hal and Uncle Nat on more stops in this thrilling series with: The Highland Falcon Thief , Kidnap on the California Comet , Murder on the Safari Starand Sabotage on the Solar Express.