Dragon Skin by Karen Foxlee, reviewed by Leontine

An enthralling story about the bond between a girl and a baby dragon.

What to expect: a baby dragon, friendship, a never-ending waterhole, and a secret cave.

As you step in Pip, Laura and Archie’s world, you will follow Pip as she learns to care for a lost baby dragon with unexpected friends, while escaping her hard family life.

I liked this book as it was a page turner, and it was a book like no other, filled to the brim with a character’s big thoughts. It was also full of tips on how to look after a dragon, so if I ever find a dragon near a waterhole like Pip did, I’ll be prepared!

I would say that this book is suitable for 8+. I would recommend this book to those who liked “A glasshouse of stars” by Shirley Marr. Dragon skin is a great book, you should read it!

About the book

Pip never wants to be at home nowadays. There’s no laughter anymore and her mum isn’t happy. She spends most of her time alone, daydreaming and digging for treasure by the dirty creek.

But one night, Pip finds something incredible – a dragon. Tiny, possibly dying, but definitely a dragon. She quickly realises that dragons don’t come with instructions: what do you feed a dragon? Where could it have come from? And how can Pip cope with the enormous changes this creature will bring into her life? Full of enchanting magic and poignant truths, Dragon Skin is a moving story of friendship, family and finding a way to fly.