Rules For Vampires by Alex Foulkes, reviewed by Ben

Rules for vampires is a book based on a 111-year-old vampire eternally in an 11-year-olds body. At 111 all vampires must complete their waxing moon- to complete this they must hunt and perform a bite on a live human. This was very important especially because Leo’s family is infamous, old and has existed over thousands of years and none of Leo’s ancestors had ever failed yet when the moon rose on her special night she did not rise to the challenge and disaster struck… 

I thought the book was unique, no other book I have read has been remotely similar. Although I may not have picked out the book in a library, I really enjoyed reading it and the strange world it transports you keeps you intrigued. I thought the ending was very wholesome and enjoyed the book till the finish. 

I think this book would be good for the age range 7-12 and people who enjoy the fantasy genre would love this book. Although most of the characters held no place in the real world you could almost feel it is possible. Especially with their magic walls hiding the castle they lived in. 

Overall, I think this was a very good book that can be enjoyed over a range of ages.