**Signed** Billy and the Pirates by Nadia Shireen


*Signed copy!*

Our fearless heroine Billy and her hangry cat are back!

This time for a sea faring adventure with pesky pirates and singing mermaids and sticky toffee eating sharks!

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*Signed by Nadia Shireen*

Our fearless heroine Billy is back in a new picture book from Nadia Shireen.

Join Billy and Fatcat on their quest to escape Captain Howl in their third thrilling adventure, filled with singing mermaids and sticky toffee eating sharks.

Ahoy there! It’s time to sail the ocean blue with Billy and her trusty feline friend, as they embark on a noble seafaring adventure. Billy and Fatcat find a mysterious message in a bottle at sea.

When suddenly something terrible happens: they bump into a pesky pirate and his smelly crew. Oh no! Fortunately for our courageous twosome, they’re no strangers to peril: they always have a trick (or treat) up their sleeves.

Nadia Shireen is back with her third instalment from our favourite heroine and hangry cat.

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