Otherland By Louie Stowell, reviewed by Alma

I love a book with a really good setting and this has a very detailed world.

Otherland is a fantasy story about a baby girl, Shilpa, who’s taken by the fairy queen. Two friends participate in the deadly Knight Games to win her back. But this is a world with no logic and you don’t know what is real…

At first the lack of logic was a bit confusing, but I soon got used to it. And I liked how the two characters are always arguing at the start but by the end of the book they are very good friends.

Loads of bits were very funny and made me laugh – a lot!

Hi, I’m Alma and I live by the sea with my Mum, Dad, sister and tortoise. I love Harry Potter and anything dragon. I am passionate about the environment and want to be a marine biologist when I grow up. I love art and drawing, but more than anything I love writing and reading stories. I like fantasy or contemporary books but love to read almost anything.

About the book

Otherland is a dangerous magical underworld – a place where appearances can be deceiving and anything can happen. A world of gods, vampires, and fairies. It’s also…horrible.

When life-long friends Myra and Rohan discover that Rohan’s baby sister Shilpa has been stolen and taken to Otherland, the only way to rescue her is by taking part in a deadly game – three impossible challenges set by the Fairy Queen of Otherland. Win the game, and Rohan and Myra can go home with Shilpa – but lose, and they’ll be trapped in Otherland forever…

A darkly funny, action-packed fantasy adventure, perfect for fans of The Strangeworlds Travel Agency, Malamander, and The Land of Roar, from the author of the highly-acclaimed Dragon in the Library series.