The Wishkeeper’s Apprentice and Honey’s Hive, reviewed by Caitlin (8)

The Wishkeeper’s Apprentice by Rachel Chivers Khoo

Can Felix Jones, along with the Wishkeeper, save Whittlestone?

An amazing story, filled to the brim with magic and adventure. I think it would be best for kids aged 6 to 9. 

Watch out for the evil wish snatcher. He is nasty.

Honey’s Hive by Mo O’Hara

A really fun story. 👍👍

It’s about a bee who doesn’t fit in. There are lots of fun facts about bees. And a few about wasps actually. 

Honey, along with her best friends Beanie and Hex, has to save the hive. Can she do it? ❤️❤️❤️

Leonora Bolt by Lucy Brandt, reviewed by Caitlin (7)

This book is really good and it has lots of mysteries. 

Leonora Bolt and her friend Jack go on an exciting adventure with Millie the cook. With lots of unexpected happenings.

Some bits were very funny and some bits were a little scary (but in an exciting way.)

Caitlin (7)

Leonora is a kind girl who is a secret inventor. But she does not know what the mainland looks like because she is stuck on an island, called Crabby Island, in the middle of nowhere with her horrible Uncle. Leonora Bolt also has a little sea otter Twitchy as her pet. And he helps her with her mission. 

The book was amazing, and some bits were very funny and some bits were a little scary (but in an exciting way). 

There is a cliff hanger and I think it is really cool that there is a mystery to be solved. I want to read the next one. And I loved the funny ferry timetable.