Look Up at the Stars by Katie Cotton


Deep in the forest, there lived a beautiful little fir tree who longed to see the world. When the tree is taken to town at Christmas, it feels like all his dreams have come true. But what will happen the day after? Find out in this beautifully illustrated modern retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s festive tale.

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Look up at the stars, so high above me. If I could just hold one, how happy I’d be! A parent and child go in search of a star, journeying through dark woods, across rough seas and through snow and ice to the top of Mount Digger-Doo in order to reach their goal, but what will happen when they find it out of reach? This lyrical picture book celebrates adventure, coming home, love – and the idea that sometimes what you are looking for is right under your nose.

A relaxing and mindful read that’s perfect for any parent who is looking to soothe their child at bedtime.

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