The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, reviewed by Oliver (10)

The Hunger Games is a marvellous book written by Suzanne Collins.  This book is such a thrilling page turner  – I couldn’t put it down.  The intense storyline was so engaging I actually felt I was there with the main characters.

“I actually felt I was there with the main characters.”

Oliver, 10

Once a year the capital city of Panem holds a Hunger Games where 12 unfortunate boys and girls fight to their death.  Katniss Everdeen (a sixteen-year-old) steps forward to save her little sister from competing.  Not knowing what was coming, the selected warriors would have to survive in a created arena watched by millions until one survivor was left.  Will Katniss win, or die fighting? 

This book is full of pace and heart-stopping scenarios. Its futuristic theme keeps the reader on their toes. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and feel that it is a suitable read for children aged 10 and up.*

*Book Nook note – The Hunger Games is generally recommended for children 14+