The Wild Before by Piers Torday, reviewed by Catherine

A ‘Terribleness’ has struck. Little-Hare is the only one who can save his world from devastation… or is he? With the help of his sister, Run-Hare, and an eager group of farm animal offspring, the planet might be in for a chance. But is a chance enough to save Mooncalf, the silver cow who is fading away like the sun on the horizon?

The Wild Before is a beautiful story about friendship, courage and climate change. It proves that you don’t need to be big to be brave and that every action you take has an impact on something. It’s interesting how Little-Hare was always shadowed by his older sister, so after he found Mooncalf he started to exist more as ‘Little-Hare’ as opposed to ‘Run-Hare’s brother’.

This book has wonderful descriptions of the countryside that make you feel like you’re one of the characters fighting Mooncalf’s plague. It’s really sweet that when Little-Hare discovers Mooncalf he promises that he will take care of her, even though he’s just a young hare.

The Wild Before is the prequel to The Last Wild trilogy which features Kester Jaynes, the boy who can talk to animals, and I think they sound really good. If you haven’t read them then reading this book will almost definitely make you want to add them to your reading list.

I like animals, playing with my sister, and all types of books. I also love playing football, going on walks and identifying birds. My favourite species of bird is a firecrest because I love the orange stripe on their heads.

About the book:

Can one hare alone change the world? The captivating animal adventure destined to be loved by readers of all ages. A stunning hardback edition from the bestselling, much-loved author, Piers Torday.

One stormy, snowy night, a pure silver calf is born on an ordinary muddy farm by the light of the moon. This is the legendary Mooncalf, whose arrival has been foretold since the dawn of time.

According to a dream passed down from animal to animal, if the calf dies, a great Terribleness will come – rising seas, a plague, skies raining down fire, the end of all things… and Little Hare vows to persuade all the animals to protect Mooncalf, whatever the cost.

But it’s easier said than done, and soon Little Hare realises that he is the only one who can save the world…

A stunning prequel to the award-winning, bestselling The Last Wild trilogy, touching on timely themes of climate change, friendship, and above all, hope.