Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door by Lola Morayo and Cory Reid, reviewed by Evie

I liked this book because she goes to somewhere called Shimmerton and meets the gigglers and that’s where the adventure stars! She quickly looks at her fairy door she made all day then she reached out to touch the doorknob and…that’s how she arrived in Shimmerton. Do you have intrest in adventures? Also do you have fascination in fairies? If so, join Aziza and her magical adventure! The best bit was when she met the one and only princess peri who was the princess of Shimmerton. You would like this book if you liked the stories Magic Ballerina by Darcey Bussell. Adventures await!

Hey I am Evie! I love playing with my friends, dancing, singing and having adventures through the stories that I read. My favourite stories so far are the Magic Ballerina books where some magic ballet shoes take dancers on magical adventures 🩰 . I also love crazy Roald Dahl books – they are so funny 😆 people get stretched, blown up and even disappear and I love snowy stories like Snow Day and also the enchanting Snow Dragon.  Reading is so amazing as every time you turn a page you go into another world and I love that 🥰.

About the book

Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door is the first title in an inclusive magical adventure series, perfect for readers of 6-8 from debut author Lola Morayo. It is inspired by world mythology and is gorgeously illustrated in black and white throughout by Cory Reid.

Open the door to a world of magic and adventure . . .

A mysterious gift arrives on Aziza’s birthday. It is a secret fairy door that will whisk her away to Shimmerton, a magical world with princesses, naughty fairies, shapeshifters, unicorn shopkeepers and mischief around every corner. But when the precious jewelled doorknob is taken, Aziza is trapped. Will she ever see her home and family again? Maybe her new friends, Peri and Tiko, can help . . .

Packed with mischief, friendship and magic, Aziza is perfect for fans of Isadora Moon.

Look out for the second title in the series Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door and the Ice Cat Mysterycoming soon.