The Multicultural School Book Fund

We are so proud to be supporting this wonderful initiative. Read on to learn more about the fund’s aims and find out how you can help us ensure every classroom has books that truly represent the children in the class and wider community.

We believe all children deserve to see themselves reflected within stories, for a sense of belonging and to also understand and accept the wonderful diversity of families across our city. 

Our aim is champion equality, diversity and inclusion within all schools across Brighton & Hove by ensuring every school classroom and library has a box of over 80 books representing Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic characters, illustrators and authors.

Within schools the huge majority of books available are representative of white characters and families. This can be detrimental to children from multicultural backgrounds, impacting on their mental wellbeing and can create stereotyping and racial bias within schools and the wider community. 

We are excited to announce Brighton & Hove council are backing this fund and donating £1000 towards this initiative:

We are also partnering with PHSE Education as part of an anti-racist school strategy alongside charity group The Open Minds Project, who are campaigning for changes to Black History curriculum and including teacher training in cultural diversity and inclusion within classrooms. 

We would love your support by sharing and donating if you can.