Steven Lenton with Dilly the Donkey

Meet Book Nook hero illustrator Steven Lenton for this fun event. Listen to the story, get arty with Steven and get your book signed. The perfect way to get in the summer holiday mood.

Free event but please book a place.

About the book:

Meet Dilly the wonky donkey in this joyous, fun-filled, sun-drenched book that's packed with positive values.

Written by Elli Woollard and illustrated by Steven Lenton, this delightful story puts age and wisdom before beauty, encourages self belief and shows that no matter how old and wonky you may be, you can still be exceptional! Dilly the Donkey may be little and wonky - and not as young as she used to be - but each day she lovingly carts the children to school.

That is until her owner replaces her with a flashy young horse!

Is poor Dilly too old and bent to be of any use? Of course not! She's kind, brave and smart too, so when the new horse catches the eye of two sneaky thieves, it's up to Dilly to halt their dastardly plan and save the day.

Could this be the start of a whole new career? A third fabulous story from creators of the The Great Gran Plan and Dinosaurs Don't Draw.