One in a Hundred Thousand by Linni Ingemundsen, reviewed by James

One in a Hundred Thousand by Linni Ingemundsen  is a heartwarming book about learning to fit in, even when you are ‘different’. Sander has Silver-Russell syndrome, which means he does not grow as much as any other boys his age, and he is smaller than his younger brother. This makes him worry about lots of things, and when Niklas arrives, his troubles just get worse. Everyone thinks Niklas is amazing; clever, handsome and kind, but Sander doesn’t see him that way. Sander doesn’t like the way he brags about his life; his girlfriend, bike ramp and many injuries he has gotten from it and his ‘amazing’ hair. He is so perfect, and, compared to Sander, you know who everyone would choose. Despite all of this, Sander sees something in Niklas, something buried deep in him mind, and he is scared…This is an amazing book, which teaches you the value of friendship and how (quoting Wonder): ‘You can’t blend in when you were born to standout.’ I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would be very interested in reading some of Linni Ingemundsen’s other books, as, if they are as good as this book, I will be buying them all!

I am 13 years old and I have Type 1 diabetes.  I like reading, experimenting with new things, playing football and I support Arsenal. At school my favourite subject is Drama.