Witch in Training by Michelle Robinson, ill. by Briony May Smith


Zach isn’t convinced that books are for him – they’re too long, they’re boring and he would rather watch TV. But thanks to his friend Ro’s stubborn efforts, Zach falls for books hook, line and sinker, and loses himself in a world of dinosaurs, princesses, pirates, football and rocketships – anything and everything the library has to offer.


Think that being a witch is all about pointy hats, waving wands and gathering around the cauldron singing spooky songs? Well, think again.

Betty’s potion-making starts tonight! And potions need ingredients – ingredients that can only be found in the WILD. And that is pretty treacherous. So, brave Betty, with her mum by her side, is about to come face-to-face with werewolves, trolls, sea monsters and more…

A funny, edge-of-your-broomstick adventure from the spellbinding team behind Tooth Fairy in Training.


*Please note that this title is due to be published on 16th September and will therefore not be available until this date*

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