Gamely Frozen Unicorns Game


FREEZE! Meerkat? Dog? Mermaid? Frog?! Frozen Unicorns is the game for all ages where players must guess what everyone else is, as they all freeze in a perfect pose! Perfect game for any party.

For ages 6+  Players 3+

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3, 2, 1… FREEZE!

Laugh hysterically as players transform into a gallery of silly statues. Big laughs in a small box, Frozen Unicorns comes with 107 animal and people cards. Each round everyone is given something to pose as – for example a crab, karate teacher or even a unicorn, while one person is left to guess what everyone else is doing!

Super simple to pick up, Frozen Unicorns is the game of imagination, inventiveness and guessing that can be learned in under a minute, but played for hours. Compete to be the best, or work together to make ridiculously funny human statues guaranteed to get you giggling.

Loved and enjoyed by all at The Book Nook!

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