Lots of chances to win shiny new books in our WINTER competitions

You can enter all or any of these competitions and you can enter as many times as you like. Be creative and have fun!

Book review competition

Have you read a book lately that you would like to tell everyone about? Write us a review and we'll share it on our website and social media pages and share the booky love. Our favourite reviews will win a shiny new book and bookmark bundle. Reviews can be any length and can be in any media. We can't wait to hear your recommendations!

Write a spin-off story!

What is your favourite story? What are the characters up to right now? Write us a 100 word (or over) story to set in the world of your favourite book and let us know what happens next. It could be a follow up or a prequel or it could be an alternative ending. We will ask some of our favourite local authors and our youngest staff stars to help us judge. The best stories will win a shiny new book and bookmark bundle.

Re-design your favourite book character

Are you a budding designer? Would you like to try your hand at illustrating a book character? Choose a character from a story or children's book and redesign it. Write a paragraph about all the new things you would like to add and tell us about the book it is from. We will ask some of our favourite local illustrators to help us judge.

How to enter

Send us your creations (or a photo of them) via our social media Don't forget to include your name and age and your grown up's name and contact number/email (so we can let you know if you've won) You can enter in any media - writing, drawing, painting, sculpture, video... be creative and let your imagination run free.

The competitions will be running through the rest of the year.

If you would rather we didn't share your creations with the world via our website and social media, just let us know and send them in a message and we'll keep them secret.