Niamh’s 12 Days of Christmas; Top books of 2021

1. Rainbow Grey by Laura Ellen Anderson

Amazing new book series from the creator of the brilliant Amelia Fang. This was my favourite book of the year. Here’s my review for Book Nook.

2. Genie and Teeny by Steven Lenton

Absolutely hilarious from start to finish! I gave it a 5-star review! I can’t wait to read the new sequel!

3. The Summer I Robbed a Bank by David O’Doherty & Chris Judge

Heart-warming, funny adventure from the comedian behind the Danger is Everywhere series.

4. Kay’s Marvellous Medicine by Adam Kay & illustrated by Henry Paker

I love dipping into this book every single day. Both funny and interesting. I’ve recommended it to my teacher so all my class can enjoy it. You can buy a signed copy from Book Nook here:

5. Mickey and the Trouble with Moles by Anne Miller & illustrated by Becka Moor

I love figuring out the codes in this book and solving mysteries with the COBRA gang!

6. The Last Bear by Hannah Gold & illustrated by Levi Pinfold

Beautiful, classic that should belong on everyone’s book shelf. You can get a copy at Book Nook. Here’s a review from fellow Book Nook Review Crew member Aysha

7. Pizazz vs Perfecto by Sophy Henn

Best Pizazz book yet! The bits about The Cheese Squares were hilarious! Here’s my previous preview of Pizazz vs The New Kid

8. The Exploding Life of Scarlett Fife by Maz Evans & illustrated by Chris Jevons

Laugh-out-loud action! I also loved how representative this book was. Buy here from Book Nook:

9. Edie and the Box of Flits by Kate Wilkinson & illustrated by Joe Berger

Magical, mysterious adventure, following in the steps of The Borrowers. You can read my full review here.

10. The Great Food Bank Heist by Onjali Q. Rauf & Illustrated by Elisa Paganelli

As always, an amazing story by Onjali that helps you understand real issues through a funny, adventurous plot.

11. Megamonster by David Walliams & Illustrated by Tony Ross

My favourite David Walliams book since The Demon Dentist. Very dark! You can pick up a signed copy of David Walliams’ books from Book Nook just now:

12. Kitty Quest by Phil Corbett

Hilarious, comic-style cat themed adventure! Buy a copy here: