Keeper of Secrets by Sarah J. Dodd, reviewed by Evie-Belle

This book put me on a rollercoaster of feelings… “The rock in Emily’s stomach dropped right down to her boots, weighing down her feet so that she couldn’t move.”

Heartfelt and emotional, this book has lots of highs and lows !  With all the descriptive words being used, I almost felt as though I was in the scene and in the moment.

The story unfolds when Emily’s Dad meets a woman named Josie who disrupts the poor girl’s life. The setting is at Badger Cottage, a cottage that is set in a dreary, dark wood, where lynx’s lurk nearby. Emily is a likeable, kind character who I can relate to immensely. I felt sorry for her countless times as being and feeling alone can really hurt. 

It’s Christmas time in the book – so don’t worry ,it does have many heart warming moments !As a 10 year old (the same age as Emily) , I would recommend you read Emily’s story , as I really enjoyed it.

About the book

Eleven-year-old Emily doesn’t think Badger Cottage will ever be home. But there is something out there that needs her; a bright pair of eyes in the darkness. In the middle of a fierce battle between conservationists, who want to to rewild the lynx in the woods, and the local farmers, Emily tries to shield a baby lynx she calls Lotta, afraid it will be killed by the person who killed its mother. But can Emily work out who the illegal hunter is in time, and who can she trust?