The Nightsilver Promise by Annaliese Avery, Reviewed by Callum

I found (The Nightsilver Promise) to be an engaging book with an intricate story. Its about a girl called Paisley Fitzwilliams who is trying to find her mother after she goes missing. The story is set in a mystical world that puts it aside from other fantasy fiction books as it is set in a parallel version of Modern day London. Overall I found this book to be unique and easy to follow while at the same time having a complex plot and story.

Callum Newman age 12

I have lived in Hove all my life and I am 12 years old and started in year 7 at Kings School in Sept 2020. I have a few long term hobbies that I do locally, these are karate and climbing. I love reading, especially thrillers and science fiction but I am also happy to read general fiction. One of my favourite books is The Explorer by Katherine Rundell and I also really enjoyed Wonder and Oggie and Me by RJ Palacio and I am about to start reading Terry Pratchett (The Colour of Magic). I have found reading has helped me with any writing I do both inside and outside school. 

About the book

An epic, fate-fighting adventure like no other. A stunningly imagined new series, destined to be a classic.

In a re-imagined world, the Empire of Albion is ruled by science.

Everyone’s destiny is pre-determined by a track of stars on their wrist, and 13-year-old Paisley Fitzwilliam discovers that her fate is to die before her fourteenth year.

But when her mother goes missing and is presumed dead; there is nobody left to protect her Dragon Touched brother Dax.

So begins a breath-taking adventure through Floating Boroughs, a vault guarded by Dragon Walkers, and the dark sewers of lower London.

To save her brother, Paisley must unlock an ancient secret that will not only defy her stars, but will change the course of history forever . . .

For fans of Nevermoor and Philip Pullman.

A cinematic Game of Thrones Jnr for middle grade.

“Destiny, science, stars, and a sprinkle of magic.” – Vashti Hardy, author of Brightstorm”A smart, original, fantasy adventure.” – Dominique Valente, author of Starfell