The Three Impossibles by Susie Bower, reviewed by Sophie

First of all, I’ll try to give away NO spoilers. I didn’t know what to expect from this book. I wondered what one of the impossible tasks would be-perhaps it would be to never eat chocolate again! (Dun, dun, duun!) No spoilers but…. that’s not it. 

This book is impossibly amazing (get it?) The characters are unique and special in a loveably um… well characterish way. (Cool made-up word there!) My favourite part is the unexpected twist at the end – WHAT HAPPENS? I promised you no spoilers soooo……, well, no spoilers. Read it for yourself!

My name is Sophie and I am 9. I live in Essex with my family: my younger brother and sister, mum and dad and not forgetting my 10 month old hamster. As well as reading I enjoy lots of other things. Some of my hobbies are reading, writing, drawing, playing the violin, drama, swimming and gymnastics. At school I am in year 4. My favourite lessons are art, music, drama, ICT and English. My not-so-favourite lessons are maths, science, history and geography. 

About the book

Mim grew up surrounded by secrets. On the day she was born, her mother died and a mysterious curse was cast on her family. Ever since, she’s been isolated in a walled castle, forbidden from venturing to the Outside. 

But Mim has never been able to stop asking questions – and when her father enlists the suspicious Madame Marionette to train her in the art of being a princess, her curiosity only gets more intense. Determined to understand, Mim sets out on an epic adventure in which she will break all the rules, encounter strange creatures and use all her cunning to solve impossible problems. But will it be enough to bring happiness back to the lonely castle on the rock?