The Small Things by Lisa Thompson, reviewed by Abi

Abi tells us why the publisher Barrington Stoke is so important for dyslexic readers like her.

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Abi reviews The Small Things

About the book

Anna’s anxious when she’s picked to befriend the new girl in her class. For a start, Ellie is ill and can’t come to school herself. So Anna has to communicate with her through a new kind of robot.

But Anna is also worried that her life’s too small and boring to be of interest to her new friend. Compared to the other girls, she doesn’t have anything exciting to talk about and so when Ellie asks her a question, a little white lie pops out. Then another and another.

When Ellie finds out the truth, can their friendship survive …?

Inspired by a true story, a groundbreaking robot helps friendship blossom in this poignant and uplifting dyslexia-friendly novella from bestseller Lisa Thompson.