Dog Man and the Tale of Two Kitties by Dav Pilkey, reviewed by Ozzy

Hi my name is Ozzy and I like reading. Some of my favourite books are The Dogman Collection, The Brownstone Family Collection and Roal Dhal books (I’m reading the BFG at the moment which is great!). I like chocolate, ice cream, dancing, playing ultimate tag and I like maths too! I love reading funny voices in stories and trying different accents, it’s fun! I have a little sister she is small and very funny😜she copies everything I do and it’s weird! I read books to her and she “reads” to me too. 

About the book

Howl with laughter with the THIRD book in the hilarious full-colour, illustrated series, Dog Man, from the creator of Captain Underpants!

He was the best of dogs… He was the worst of dogs… It was the age of invention… It was the season of surprise… It was the eve of supa sadness… It was the dawn of hope…

Dog Man hasn’t always been a paws-itive addition to the police force. While he can muzzle miscreants, he tends to leave a slick of slobber in his wake! This time, Petey the cat’s dragged in a tiny bit of trouble — a double in the form of a super-cute kitten. Dog Man will have to work twice as hard to bust these furballs and remain top dog! Dav Pilkey’s wildly popular Dog Man series appeals to readers of all ages and explores universally positive themes, including: empathy, kindness, persistence, and the importance of being true to one’s self.