Twitch By M.G. Leonard, reviewed by Catherine

Warning – some gentle spoilers may lie ahead…

I liked Twitch because even at the beginning Twitch is someone I want to like. I like how even when he gets bullied about loving birds, he never lets that dampen his passion, and it’s interesting to see the change in Jack Cappleman – how he began as an enemy to Twitch but because Twitch saved Jack from Madden and Peaky, Jack realised that birds are actually really cool, and he became Twitch’s friend. I love Twitch’s bed box, and Aves Wood sounds amazing! The twist in the story is almost magical, like something stalking you – you can sense it, but you are reading on and the lion is still behind you, you’re chasing the leopard when the lion is to blame. Or should I say chasing the Leonard?! Twitch’s real name is brilliant – ‘Corvus Featherstone’! – but my favourite thing about him is the teapot tree and his pigeons that live in a wardrobe, though it would also be cool to have swallows nesting in your bedroom! It’s great how he and the rest of his year at school act like birds to overcome the robber and I really like Ava and Tippi. The bird club (The Twitchers) at the end is amazing!

I think this book deserves at least 18 out of 20 stars.

I like animals, playing with my sister, and all types of books. I also love playing football, going on walks and identifying birds. My favourite species of bird is a firecrest because I love the orange stripe on their heads.

Catherine wrote her review whilst listening to the dawn chorus in a tent at 6.30am. A sign that she definitely belongs in the Twitchers! Thank you for a fab review, Catherine.

About the book:

From the internationally bestselling author of Beetle Boy and the Adventures on Trains series, comes the first book in The Twitchers, a brand new mystery adventure series celebrating friendship, bravery and the incredible world of birds, starring a birdwatching detective called Twitch!Can a birdwatcher outwit an escaped convict? Twitch has three pet chickens, four pigeons, swallows nesting in his bedroom and a passion for birdwatching. On the first day of the summer holidays, he arrives at his secret hide to find police everywhere: a convicted robber has broken out of prison and is hiding in Aves Wood. Can Twitch use his talents for birdwatching to hunt for the dangerous prisoner and find the missing loot?