How To Be Brave by Daisy May Johnson reviewed by Sophie

My first impression of this book was that it would be all about ducks and being religious. So, sure, boring. Was I right? No, I was completely wrong! So, as I delved deeper into the pages, I realised that this book opened up a new section of imagination in my head. One of my favourite things about the book was the footnotes. Daisy May Johnson has an amazing sense of humour! Also, I really like the way that the story unfolds, bit by bit, including the back stories of each character, or most of them anyway. I would recommend this book to 8 years and older. It is an interesting read, there are some heart-breaking moments but it is also very funny. I can’t wait until it’s published in July, I will be recommending it to all my friends!

A picture I drew inspired by the book.
It is of young Elizabeth with her dog Aslan. 
My name is Sophie and I am 9. I live in Essex with my family: my younger brother and sister, mum and dad and not forgetting my 10 month old hamster. As well as reading I enjoy lots of other things. Some of my hobbies are reading, writing, drawing, playing the violin, drama, swimming and gymnastics. At school I am in year 4. My favourite lessons are art, music, drama, ICT and English. My not-so-favourite lessons are maths, science, history and geography. 

About the book:

Calla’s mum has never been normal. She’s been known to go out in a lab coat and slippers and often forgets to perform basic tasks because she’s been thinking about ducks. When a job offer arrives to study her beloved birds in the Amazon rainforest, Calla knows her mum has to go.

Nervously, she agrees to go to boarding school. She quickly learns that trouble is afoot in this odd convent school. A mean new headmistress is imposing horrible rules and making everyone eat Brussels sprout cake, and the students are itching to revolt.

As Calla makes new friends and gets drawn into their rebellious plot, she keeps waiting for her mum to call. She will, won’t she?Exuberantly funny and brimming with heart, How to Be Brave is a riotous celebration of the power of resourceful girls, stories and the right biscuit at the right time.