The Yearbook by Holly Bourne, reviewed by Abi

Whilst the cover is very bright and colourful, this book isn’t always super cheery, in the best way possible. Of course there are sweet moments of fun sprinkled throughout, but some of the main themes are quite a bit darker. The Yearbook is about drama at school, but it’s also about why you may act the way you do at school; how your life is affected by what your home is like; why you are the way you are. I honestly could not put this book down. It really felt like it was written about some of the things that happen at my school. I really recommend this to anyone who enjoys teenage drama.

The story is about Paige who is a year 11 girl who is on the school newspaper. She is very shy, she has no friends and her older brother has just gone off to university. Paige sees how the kids are cruel to the weaker children and what they do. She hates it. She doesn’t want them to get away with it, so she keeps a record of everything she sees in notebooks which she keeps under her bed. But she never says a word because she is scared they will then turn on her. Paige has learnt to blend into the background, to not be noticed by anyone, which she thinks is the best way to survive secondary school and her home life, which is another story altogether! However, one day she spots some red pen in a school library book and writes her own comment underneath….‘I exist’. This is the start of a whole rollercoaster of events that will change her life and change her.

I have two sisters, both are younger than me (I’m the oldest child). I’ve lived in Brighton and Hove my whole life. I live with both of my parents and siblings.  I have 6 cats which can be very stressful at times. I’m currently in Year 10 but I only have a few months till Year 11. When I’m older I want to become and English teacher, I want to inspire young people to follow their dreams.

About the book

Finding your voice. Speaking the truth. Falling in love.

All the biggest drama happens in high school…

Mean Girls meets To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before in this hugely relatable high-school takedown from the queen of UKYA.

Paige is used to staying quiet in the face of lies. Like how popular girl Grace is a such an amazing person (lie). How Laura steals people’s boyfriends (lie). How her own family are so perfect (lie).

Now Grace and friends have picked their “best” high-school moments for Paige to put in the all-important Yearbook. And they’re not just lies. They’re poison.

But Paige has finally had enough. And as she starts to find love through the pages of a book, she finds her voice too. Now she is going to rewrite her story – and the Yearbook is the perfect place to do it.

Paige Vickers: Most likely to…bring down the mean girls