Fleur Hitchcock and Gill Lewis joint launch event

We are thrilled to host this wonderful book launch event on March 30th at 7pm on our Facebook page

Two authors – two new books – ten years of writing. The ups, the downs and what we wished we’d known. 

Join authors Fleur Hitchcock and Gill Lewis for the launch of their new books and a chat about ten years of being published. They met on the MAWYP in Bath back in 2008 and both have had numerous books published. Learn a little about their journeys, the highs the lows, the pitfalls and the dead ends. Questions will be fielded by Michelle Robinson.   

About the books:

Gill LewisA Street Dog Named Pup 

Pup and his boy are inseparable. But both their worlds change forever when Pup is cruelly taken away and abandoned in Dead Dog Alley. With nowhere else to turn, Pup joins a pack of misfit street dogs that will help him to learn to fight for survival on the streets. Pup holds onto the hope of one day being reunited with his boy. But as that hope shrinks with every passing day, Pup begins to wonder if their bond is irreversibly broken. A thrilling and heart-warming novel by award-winning author Gill Lewis

Bio: Gill Lewis is an author who writes stories about humans and other animals, and our relationship with the natural world. A Street dog Named Pup is a story about the incredible bond we have with our canine companions. It is the first book she had illustrated herself. 

Fleur Hitchcock Waiting for Murder

It’s a long, hot summer. As the water drains away from the reservoir, a car emerges. And there seems to be a body in it, a body that then disappears… Daniel and Florence start to investigate and uncover a long-ago robbery, missing gold and murder. When the drought breaks, everything is swept downstream and the truth is revealed…  Another hard-boiled thriller for beginners from the author of Murder in Midwinter. 

Bio:  Fleur writes for the moment between child and adult when the heart seeks thrills, but the mind is still forming. She writes adventures, thrillers, mysteries, all of them set in real environments that she knows and loves. Waiting for Murder is her 16th published novel for young people. 

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