BAME female characters in picture books

Yesterday The Guardian shared their research showing that the top 100 illustrated children’s books last year showed growing marginalisation of female and minority ethnic characters.

We take pride in stocking a diverse range of books and work hard to ensure every child can find themselves represented on our shelves. These beautifully diverse and gender-stereotype-squashing books are out there and this article highlights the importance of independent bookshops and booksellers who can get them into children’s hands.

We’ve put together a gallery of fantastic picture books that fit the criteria, available now or being published in the next few months. Look at them all! Aren’t they stunning. We would be very happy to share these books with you and will be adding them to our online shop over the next week. If you would like to order any now, contact us at the shop and we will work our bookseller magic.

Are there any brilliant books you would like to see added to our gallery? Comment on this post or get in touch via social media and share your favourites.

6 thoughts on “BAME female characters in picture books”

  1. Yes, how about Is it a Mermaid by Candy Gourlay and Francesca Chessa and Kangaroo Kisses by Nandana Dev Sen and Pippa Curnick and just published Astro Girl by Ken Wilson Max ! All got girl BAME characters!

    1. Excellent suggestions. Thank you, Janetta. We love your books and are sorry to have missed these from the list.

  2. Hello,

    I hope you don’t mind me suggesting my own book, but I have a book coming out with Two Hoots in August called I’m Actually Really Grown Up Now with a main BAME girl character.

    Also, Ivy and the Lonely Raincloud, by Katie Harnett and published by Flying Eye features a main BAME girl character.

    1. I’m Actually Really Grown Up Now looks beautiful. Adding it in now. Thank you for sharing it with us 🙂

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